The Park Estate - Nottingham
Park Estate
The Park Estate - Nottingham
Heritage and Conservation
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Parking & Restrictions, Through Traffic and Road Maintenance

The NPEL monitors the state of the various roads, considers priority in resurfacing, determines whether or not and where speed ramps should be installed and generally oversees representations and complaints made by residents.

A resident car permit badge system is operated on the NPEL private roads and residents are entitled to a permit badge for each vehicle they own (see application forms).  Note: there are restrictions on commercial vehicles, camper-vans and caravans parking on the NPEL private roads. 

All residents should have a parking permit displayed in the front windscreen of their vehicle to identify the vehicle as being entitled to park within the Estate.  This assists the employees of the NPEL to identify those vehicles that belong to residents and allows them to issue parking fines or apply wheel clamps to vehicles that are not authorised to use the NPEL roads.  Bona fida visitors to residents should indicate this with a note on their dashboard: giving the address they are visiting.

However, having a NPEL residents car permit badge does not allow you to breach the NPEL parking restrictions indicated by the yellow and blue line markings.

Traffic Regulations are made and issued under Section 14 (2) (b) of the Nottingham Park Estate Act 1990. A copy of The Act is available from the Estate Office for a charge of £3.30.
A copy of the latest Regulations can be found by following this

Double Blue & Yellow Lines
No parking including vehicles with residents parking permits displayed.

Single Blue Lines
Parking on a single blue line is only allowed when the vehicle is displaying a valid permit issued to the property immediately  abutting the section of blue line where the vehicle is parked or when the vehicle is visiting the property  immediately abutting  the section of blue line where the vehicle is parked and is displaying a notice advising the details.

The NPEL introduced these measures because in the past, residents living in the vicinity of The Park entrances suffered from excessive parking from residents and non-residents alike.  By introducing blue-lines, it allows all residents to park close to their homes, not just those who are fortunate enough to live on the quieter roads with less demand for on-street parking.

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The Park Estate - Nottingham